In our recreation and activity area, nested within the nature, established over a forest area of 35 decares, there are recreational areas, picnic areas where you may wander from the noise and stress of the city and spend time until satiated with your family and friends. The recreational areas of the camp are leased from the Ministry of Forest and completely covered with pine trees. The bottoms of the pine trees were cleaned and placed disinfected wooden platforms. Tent or picnic tables are established on the platforms. The platform tent and picnic areas are an area more than 20 decares. There is adequate number of fountains meeting the needs of the tent and picnic areas. There are toilet and shower. There are kiosk, market and a 200 m2 tea garden in the same area. You may watch soccer tournaments with projection in the tea garden. You may shop with the city prices in our market.

. There are wide arbors, installed on rocks facing the sea. It is possible to rest, sleep and pass the night in the arbors. In the hill facing the sea, there is special restaurant with special menu. Again in this area, the yörük tent is installed where pancake, Turkmen manti, Turkmen pilaff are served. You may spend the weekend or your holiday in 12 bungalows ahead, next to the sea and forest. Training seminars or all kinds of meetings can be organized in the 75 m2 hall. A little beyond install your caravan in the caravan area and have a joyful holiday. ŞİLE SAHİLKÖY, Şile, which is the third biggest county of Istanbul is the region having the most forest area and 70% of which is forest.