Trekking is sportive walking, usually with a slow pace, made for arriving to a point from another point in the nature. Trekking is an English work derived from trek word in English and –ing suffix. Even though its usage in Turkish is common, nature walking notion is also used instead of this word. Trekking can be done in all seasons however the necessary preparations should be done depending on the weather and environment conditions, length and hardness level. Trekking tracks can take several hours as well as take several weeks, even months. Trekking, started at the beginning, as personal or group of friends activity that people loving nature performed for living the natural beauties and for staying in the nature, today has gained economic dimension and grown under the alternative tourism. Today, trekking is a sport performed usually by the ones who want to relieve of the stress of the city, in tracks close to the city for a day or as tours of 2-3 weeks in the foreign countries, accompanied by a professional guide.
It is accepted by the experts that nature walks have very positive effects on the body and mental health of people. It is a nature sport, to which masses show interest intensely because of the reasons such as it doesn’t require high condition, the risks such as injury etc. stays at very low level, the costs is small. ŞİLE SAHİLKÖY, Şile, which is the third biggest county of Istanbul is the region having the most forest area and 70% of which is forest. DAILY APPROXIMATELY 23 TL